Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer #2 Review

Earlier today the Game of Thrones hype was kicked into high gear yet again when another trailer was released on YouTube. This time we get to see a host of new images that were not present in previous trailers. Between new shots of Jamie on the battlefield and Beric Dondarrion wielding a flaming sword there is no shortage of things to get excited about.

For me… the most exciting thing was seeing this.


That’s right. Bran is in a wheel chair. A lot can be inferred from this brief shot of the new Three-Eyed Crow. First of all, the fact that he is in a wheel chair means that he gets back on the safe side of the Wall. On top of that, you can see that he has a wolf pelt across his lap. Where would he get one of those? Hmmm

A lot of other viewers/fans are suggesting that this “heart tree” is located at Winterfell. So if this is correct… our boy is home. What could this mean for the other characters?

In relation to the other official trailers and TV spots, I felt like this one had more emotional resonance. Sansa’s quote from the novel about the pack remaining after the “lone wolf” is gone was the perfect ending to this trailer.

What did you think of this trailer? Share your opinions in the comment sections below!

If you haven’t seen the new trailer, click on the link down below.

New Game of Thrones Trailer


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