Reaching the Point of MMO Fatigue

We’ve finally reached the summer months, and with the sunny days and warmer temperatures, we have a host of new MMO content from three different powerhouses in the MMO industry: The Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy XIV, and World of Warcraft. Despite this gamer’s Christmas in June, I’ve come to a startling realization: I’m feeling MMO Fatigue.

Let me give you some background. First of all, I don’t own all three of these games. I’ve played Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV) off and on for over a year now and World of Warcraft (WoW) for the better part of 12 years with very few breaks. Even though those numbers may seem like great feats, they come with some scaring. I’ve experienced dungeons, raids, endless daily (and now world) quests, leveling, festivals, seasonal events…. the list is endless. In the past I’ve been all for this type of gameplay, but recently the decision by Blizzard to implement more “gated” content has made me want to log off and play something else.

Now I’m sure you asking, “If you don’t like the game, why don’t you go try another MMO?” Good question. I picked up FFXIV for this very reason and managed to get a good chunk of the way through the main storyline. What’s the problem then? After rooting myself in the WoW universe for over a decade… I find it tough to start over. The novelty of exploring a new universe wears off quickly when you don’t have a set of comrades-in-arms to explore it with. That familiar fatigue feeling comes crawling back.

And I’m not alone in this feeling either. I’ve had numerous discussions with close friends and casual gamer acquaintances about this very problem. There are different degrees of fatigue, but ultimately the conversation arrives at one conclusion: playing other genres of games.

Have you experienced MMO Fatigue in the past or recently? What’s your solution to this problem? Is there even a solution to this?


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